AFS Silk Launch Announcement

AFS Silk Launch Announcement



The team is growing at Foil&Co 

Laurent Borgna, famous designer known for his foil model inspired by whale biomimicry, joined the AFS team in 2023 to develop a specific range of foils dedicated to the practice of wave riding. Chipri Courde, a surfer from Tahiti well known on social networks for his incredible foil sessions and his own style, has also joined the AFS team. The work of these two enthusiasts and the know-how of our teams have made it possible to give birth to our latest innovation in wave riding: the SILK 


When elegance meets power

Combining elegance and power, this foil has been designed to offer an optimal balance between glide, maneuverability and control. These points on which our teams have placed the emphasis make it possible to bring precision to the waves with a minimum of effort. The SILK is distinguished by its fluidity and exceptional glide, while offering the necessary power to adapt to different styles of practice, from the most smooth to the most radical.


Smooth as SILK

The AFS SILK offers an exceptional wave riding experience with particular attention paid to the fluidity of the transitions between back side and front side support, allowing smooth and controlled carving in all conditions. The bumps combined with the winglets provide stability and control even in disturbed environments, while the adaptive design with specifically developed front wings for each wing size provides pitch stability and control at high speeds. 


State-of-the-art technology from AFS Advanced

The SILK benefits from a one-piece structure of the wings and the fuselage which ensures optimal rigidity for transmission of forces and precise piloting, while the UHM carbon construction guarantees lightness and resistance. An ultra-thin 80cm UHM mast (14mm thick) has also been developed for this range, offering an ideal glide/handling ratio, with a rigid connection between the mast and the fuselage for a smooth flow. Each front wing and stabilizer have been independently developed to match perfectly and achieve an optimal configuration.


• Areas: 650 cm2, 850 cm2 and 1050 cm2


• Compatibility: Fuselink 


• Program: wave riding



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