AFS Pure 700 & 900 Fuselink Foil Full Set

Sale price$2,427.00

Mast: 75 UHM
Stabilizer: 145
Size: 700

If you are looking for high performance freeride the AFS Foils Pure series is what you need. Now upgraded to the Fuselink connection which further increased the glide, maneuverability and speed.

The AFS Pure 900 is a great free ride foil, plenty of low range for a foil size due to the camber in the foil profile. But with lots of high end speed range that the AFS foils are known for.

The AFS Pure 700 is a freestyle machine, takes off with stability and lands smoothly. It's profile helps you get back on foil quickly when you land your jump.

Both have monobloc construction for a durable and responsive foil

We recommend the AFS UHM masts to handle the increased loads from the spans of these foils.