AFS Evolution Full Wing Foil Set

Sale price$2,990.00

Wing: Wilf 4.0
Board: Fly 5'10
Foil: Performer 1900, Stab 260, Alpha Mast 85, Fuselage Performer

The complete wing pack for those who want to move up to the next level or who are just starting out with a good background and want to learn fast. Probably the best value for money in terms of accessibility and upgradability.

The AFS Performer foil is an accessible foil that still has room for high performance, you may never outgrow it and if you start feeling its limits don't hesitate to size down on the stabilizer and inject new life into your foil set.

The AFS Fly boards in TOMO shape provide stability and comfort.

The AFS Fire boards are stable with their double concave and wide deck, but maintain takeoff efficiency with the cutouts and light weight due to the carbon construction.

The AFS Wilf wing is versatile, powerful, lightweight, it is suitable for all types of wing foil disciplines and rider abilities.