Sooruz - Mens Guru +

Sale price$484.95

Size: XS
Style: 5/4/3 CZ

Sooruz Guru+ is our warmest wetsuit combining performance and eco-friendliness.

Oysterprene Y8 combining extreme mobility and eco-responsibility. More flexibility for more performance.
It's covered with polyester and recycled nylon fabric all water-laminated for high performance.
Oysterprene: foam made from oyster shell powder, created by Soöruz.

- The seams are sewn and glued (GBS) reinforced on the inside with our ultra soft neoprene strips and on the outside with our glue line on the seams for maximum waterproofness.

- Recycled polyester Storm-Dry inner lining from chest to ankles for even more warmth (comfort, warmth + quick drying)

- Black Diamond in the back, exclusive Soöruz windproof, water-repellent and flexible material.

- Finishing touches: Thermofused sleeve ends fused edge pinched + glue strip for more durability and back of knees debossed for more comfort when flexing.

- Chest-Zip opening system easy to put on and limits water entry.

Ideal for surfing, versatile wetsuit to ride without ever being cold.