Sooruz - Impact Vest Charraud

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Sooruz Wakevest Charraud is professional wakeboarder Jules Charraud’s Signature model.
Foam - 3/8' - 9.5 mm
Thinner than the Sooruz Ground wakevest
Specific construction on the shoulders for a better comfort, adjustable strap.

New vest developed with our riders:
- Thinner for more comfort
- Tightening belt at the level of the abdomen
- Ribs and spine protection with a specific arrangement of foams
- The shoulders are covered with a "thick velvet" effect fabric a relief that differentiates the vest.
- The rest of the vest is made of Heavy Duty fabric very resistant and flexible.

Jules' words: "This vest is a real success for me. With three new improvements that make it much more efficient. First of all we have reduced the thickness of the foam by almost half. This makes the vest lighter and more flexible. "Big advantage for mobility". Secondly the appearance of a belt at the level of the abdomen which allows a perfect adjustment to its size and avoids that the vest does not go up when one is in water. The total disappearance of foam on the top of the shoulders allows a perfect plating of it on all the top of your body."

- Recycled polyester interior fabrics
- Limestone Neoprene
- Water-based glue for the lamination of fabrics