AFS Diamond UL Wing

Sale price$1,399.00

Diamond UL 7.3 is your light wind weapon of choice.

The Diamond UL, optimized to make it perform whilst being as light as possible. The balance of a wing’s weight is essential when it comes to light wind performance.

TTNT fabric (32 g/m2) is used, versus (50/60 g/m2), in major sections of the wing. 

In use, the Diamond UL is super light, and its compactness makes all flight phases easier, as well as its handling.

A tri-radial cut is characterized by the optimization of the canopy panel orientation according to the stresses. This assembly provides better control of the wing’s shape. It offers increased resistance and longevity while providing high levels of stability and control.

Thanks to the brand new shape of the central strut, the depth of the Diamond UL’s curve is maintained while keeping a tight fall.

Navigation is, therefore, more precise, enjoyable, and more comfortable, allowing you to fully enjoy the power of the wing without rider fatigue.

In the shape of a T, an all-level batten system directly takes up the various torsion and flexion stresses of the wing. It allows for a rigid assembly and, therefore, formidable efficiency in light winds. This structure helps stabilize the wing’s curve delivering power and stability.

Two separate inflation valves optimize the inflation of the leading edge and the strut independently while maintaining high inflation/deflation efficiency.