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Discover the pleasure of long and gliding rides. A long V from the nose to the tail allows this very wide, stable board remain to be maneuverable with fantastic glide. The shape of the nose flows to create a double concave that tightens the outline on the front part of the board for great acceleration and efficiency with each paddle stroke. With its comfortable width, the FIT is accessible to all, whilst having inherent performance and evolutionary for a sporting practice.

Although cruising-oriented, it will accelerate in the swell and start surfing at the slightest ripple. The FIT bow shape splits the chop and makes it ideal for playful or sporty paddles along the coast. The AFS Fit is built on a sandwich PVC base. A unique manufacturing process during which all layers of fabrics, reinforcements, and boxes are applied in a double-shell mould, then cooked according to a process allowing ideal polymerization of resins for perfect reproduction and optimal weight/strength ratio.