AFS Fly Blue Board

Sale price$999.00

Size: 4'8" 39L

The AFS Fly strikes the perfect balance between performance and accessibility.

This dedicated foil board is engineered to deliver uncompromising performance while remaining highly accessible and reliable.

Key Product Advantages:

  • Concave Deck: Enhances control and stability.

  • Innovative Tail Shape: Optimizes performance. Fast Take off

  • Touch Down Tolerance: Ensures smooth landings.

  • One Shot Sandwich PVC Construction: Combines durability and lightweight design.

Versatile Program for the AFS Fly: The AFS Fly represents a versatile and comfortable range of boards. Its volume distribution is expertly optimized and balanced to offer the best possible performance-to-accessibility ratio. The nose bulb design provides forgiveness during take-off and soft landings from jumps. It combines generous volume where needed for forgiveness with reduced volume where possible to maximize feel and precision.

Robust Construction: The AFS Fly is meticulously crafted on a PVC sandwich base, starting from just 13.4 lbs. We employ a unique manufacturing process that involves the application of all fabric layers, reinforcements, and casings in a double-shell mold. These components are then baked, ensuring ideal resin polymerization for flawless replication and an optimal weight-to-strength ratio. Notably, the resin used in our board construction is a bio-sourced epoxy SR GreenPoxy, with over 33% of its molecules derived from plant sources.