AFS UHM Mast Fuselink

Sale price$1,199.00

Size: 75

The AFS Advanced UHM masts are a true feat in terms of composite materials and craftsmanship. They have been designed to enhance your performance and intensify your gliding experience.

  • Boosted performance
  • Heightened sensations
  • Total control

Building on the expertise of our Performer UHM masts, the goal of this new design was to push all boundaries and provide even more sensations while gliding. Each size has been uniquely designed.

The 75 cm is a prone and downwind machine with its super thin profile and short chord giving you increased glide and maneuverability.

The 80 and 85 are great options for any activity.

The 95 is most at home at high speeds when winging but does have its place tow foiling large waves due to its high speed stability. 

Our UHM masts are made with a high-end multi-layer UHM carbon construction, which gives them exceptional lightness and rigidity.

UHM carbon fiber is up to twice as rigid as standard carbon fiber. Thanks to these characteristics, we can use less fiber to achieve superior rigidity, resulting in a lighter end product.

SIZE : 75cm CHORD : 100mm 12.8mm (+-0.1mm)

SIZE : 80cm CHORD : 115mm 13.5mm (+-0.1mm)

SIZE : 85cm CHORD : 115mm 13.5mm (+-0.1mm)

SIZE : 95cm CHORD : 120mm 12.3mm (+-0.1mm)