AFS Silk and Silk HA Stabilizer

Sale price$249.00

Size: 142

AFS Foils Silk are high performance stabilizers to increase your wave riding glide and sensations. Compatible with all of the AFS Foils but was designed for the Silk foil range. Designed for advanced wave riders and prone foilers.

Whether it's in surf foil or wing foil, this range of stabilizers brings smoothness to direction changes and maneuvers on all our foils, which is quite incredible.

On the Silk 132, 142, 152, the compact outline and pronounced dihedral will optimize transitions from one rail to another. At medium and high speeds, they provide multiple changes of support with maximum fluidity thanks to the control provided by the bumps on the leading edge. The sequence of turns in all directions becomes intuitive and very easy.

Silk HA38, HA40, and HA43 The Silk HA stabilizers are truly complementary to the three compact sizes. Their higher aspect ratio provides more lift and glide.

These HA stabilizers express their full potential at low and medium speeds. They thus facilitate pumping phases and relaunching after maneuvers. The dihedral and outline provide very good maneuverability, ideal for carving at low and medium speeds. The thin profile also gives very good gliding abilities at higher speeds or downwind.

These stabilizers fit particularly well with the Silk range but also with all AFS front wing models.