AFS Wild Wing

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Size: 4.2

The AFS Wild is a high performance wing with quick feedback due to its rigidity.

Each size of the wing has been developed and thought independently of each other to have the best possible design for their size and intended  usage. The 4.2  for powerful freestyle and race. the larger  5.2, 6.2, 7.2  for Race, Slalom, Speed. All are for those primarily looking for power and stability.

The 4.2 with its semi-rigid handles provides responsive, fingertip control. The WILD boosts for higher aerials and faster rotations. An intuitive, high-performance wing that powers you through the most radical manoeuvres at speed.

The 5.2. 6.2 and 7.2 with its rigid handles allows, power, responsiveness and comfort for your Race and speed. Maximum speed and stability yet manoeuvrable. 

The WILD follows your every impulse, your every move. Everything has been thought and put together to allow you to reach your best performance in wing foil race (4.2/5.2/6.2/7.2) and race/freestyle (4.2).

To push the performance of the WILD to the maximum we have developed a cross cut seam with a tri-radial Kevlar reinforcement allows better distribution of forces, better air flow and thus, a much more rigid and powerful wing. On the water this translates into power, responsiveness, speed and incredible maneuverability.