AFS Pure 560 Foil Set

Sale price$2,990.00

Size: 560


The AFS Foils Pure 560 has pure speed in its DNA it’s only sold as a set as it was designed in tandem with the 95 cm UHM mast that has built in rake of 2 degrees. One piece construction for the front wing, fuselage and tail. Only the mast is bolted on with two massive m8 screws. All UHM construction.

Blackbird 7'6/8'0

The Blackbird invites you into the fascinating world of endless rides off the beaten path.

Full carbon Construction

The full carbon construction combined with a double longitudinal carbon stringer is the fruit of cutting-edge technology.

Innovative shape

Its shape offers more than just a striking aesthetic, it represents the perfect harmony between extreme performance and accessibility.

Downwind machine

Its ability to take off is exceptional, whether it is in SUP or prone DW, in DW Freeride or on a contest, in bumps or on the flat…