AFS Pure HA 800 & 1100 Fuselink Front Foil

Sale price$1,269.00

Size: HA 800

If you are looking for glide and efficiency the AFS Foils Pure HA series is what you need. Now upgraded to the Fuselink connection which further increased the glide, maneuverability and speed.

The AFS Pure 1100 HA is a low energy source high performance foil, getting lift from very little due to it's wide span and AR of 11. This is a great option for downwinding in small conditions, winging in light air and prone/sup wave riding knee high waves. But it's ability to handle high speeds as conditions improve will surprise and delight you.

The AFS Pure 800 HA is a speed machine with it's AR of 13. Great for advanced downwinders but also a fantastic winging foil particularly for those seeking to upwind wing and downwind paddle. It's ability to sail a tight angle upwind will make your session much more efficient.

We recommend the AFS UHM masts to handle the increased loads from the spans of these foils. The 75 for downwind and others for winging.